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“the course comes with major strings attached”

1 star online tefl review

World TESOL Academy review, submitted by Scott.

I would not recommend taking the TEFL course online with World Tesol Academy. Yes, it is a very cheap course. I think it cost me something like $35 for the course fee. BUT, the course comes with major strings attached.

  1. As soon as you pay for the course, you start getting bombarded with offers of “free money” if you can also get others to sign up for the course. I really wasn’t expecting my first bit of communication with World Tesol Academy to be like this. I was, instead, naturally expecting that I would be able to get started immediately with the course.
  2. The course is not really a course. It is a collection of pdf docs that you read and then answer ridiculously easy tests on. They claim that the course is 120 hours. I completed everything in 5. 5 hours to complete a supposed 120 hour course.
  3. There are requests for money along the way. They wanted something like $100 for the certificate. Plus, the offers of referral fee money (if I got friends or family to sign up) got way too intense.

The only way I think I could ever recommend taking the TEFL with this company would be if you have taught for years, are just wanting the certificate, and you can ignore the hidden costs and relentless email spam. I literally learned nothing by taking the TEFL with World Tesol Academy.

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