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“OISE University Toronto TEFL is a very good teacher training program”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Sam.

OISE University Toronto TEFL is a very good teacher training program. The enrollment process was pretty seamless. I got signed up and I was able to start classes the same week. The school covers everything to do with the TESL course and Teach Away then offer you professional advice regarding teaching job placement. The classes are all online and self-paced, so I was able to study at my own pace as opposed to a regular classroom environment. The tutors were good and very helpful. In moments that needed something, they did their best to get back to me. Also, the school staff are very good at getting your problems solved. I had an issue where because of a last minute “request” from my employer I had to temporarily swap from day shifts to night shifts at my regular job and this made it really difficult for me to focus my brain on studying, so I asked if I could take a break from the course for a few weeks until my work schedule was back to normal again. Toronto TEFL understood my predicament and froze my course access for me until I was ready to restart my course. I worked the night shifts, contacted the school to let them know I was ready to start again, and they unfroze my account for me. All without any request for money or complaints from their end. Regarding teaching work, I’m still working in my current (not teaching) job and I hope to travel to Europe in September where I plan on settling down for a while. I recommend this school.

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