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“I really liked the course because it was interesting and I did learn a lot about teaching English”

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Premier TEFL review, submitted by George.

This is a review of the Premier TEFL 150-hour TESL course. I paid $549 CAD for the course and $89 US for the hard copy certificate. The course was a lot more expensive than some of the ones I saw being offered on Groupon. I did my research though and it seems that certificates from the really cheap options are not always recognized by language schools. This is why I paid more to take the course with Premier TEFL. I would say that it was money well spent. I really liked the course because it was interesting and I did learn a lot about teaching English to people without English speaking skills. I felt that the job guidance offered by this program was under par with what was promised. I asked for help finding teaching work online. I had to badger them a few times before they eventually got back to me and when they did I only received a very basic list of well-known schools. I could easily have found this information out for myself by doing a quick 10-minute search online. 5 stars for the course but I’m afraid I’m giving 1 star for the job guidance.

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