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“When I realized I wouldn’t be able to use the certification I requested a refund”

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Cheap TEFL Certification World TESOL Academy review, submitted by Sam.

Cheap TEFL certification.

This happens when you only pay 34 dollars for an “international” TEFL course.

There will be many promises. I was promised many things. I was promised that 34 dollars would be the total price of the course and all other services combined. I was promised the course was on “the highest level”. I was promised that I would be able to get a well-paid teaching job with the certification. I was promised I would receive help with finding a well-paid teaching job.

The reality proved very different.

The course really is 34 dollars. When you log in to start, you immediately see why it is only 34 dollars. Not one page was without spelling mistakes or grammar errors. The reading texts were mainly just full of fillers with a couple of semi-meaningful paragraphs pertaining to teaching English. I was able to complete the course in 1 day. Yep, you read right. 1 day. When you finish you are provided with a link to download your TEFL certificate PDF. The PDF version didn’t look good so I asked for a hard copy. When World TESOL Academy asked for more money for the hard copy version I politely declined their offer.

There was no help in any form with finding work. When I did start interviewing for jobs, I was told my World TESOL Academy TEFL certificate wouldn’t be accepted. I guess the word has got out about this program and employers are wise to what can only be described as an outright scam.

World TESOL Academy market itself online A LOT. Mainly on Facebook as far as I can see. They also gather A LOT of top-rated reviews. If you look more closely at those reviews though you can see that most of them are either fake or written by students from India and The Philippines. There are very few reviews written by native English speakers and this is probably because this certificate is only good if you are prepared to work for 5 dollars (or less) an hour. Sorry, but it’s true.

When I realized I wouldn’t be able to use the certification I requested a refund. I never heard back from World TESOL Academy. They took 34 dollars from me and all I received were false promises. Avoid this program if you want to teach English.

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  1. Please edit my review.
    I wrote that the course was 38 dollars.
    I checked my emails and saw that it was 34 dollars. Not 38 dollars.
    Thank you! Sam.

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