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“Online courses will never take the place of on-site ones but I thought OISE TEFL did an excellent job regardless”

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Teaching English in Portugal OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Nicolas.

Teaching English in Portugal.

OISE University of Toronto TEFL fully prepared me for a start in teaching English to non-native English speakers. It is 100% online so sometimes there was a disconnect between fully comprehending the course due to the typical delayed question-and-answer process. However, OISE TEFL always responded to my questions within 48 hours and this quick turnaround of replies definitely helped with the overall comprehension of course materials. My tutors were obviously experts in their respective fields, and due to the nuances of online instruction, they responded as best they could to my questions about the materials. There were a few times when I just couldn’t work out the meaning of sections of the course, but this wasn’t the fault of the faculty, it is merely the product of online instruction. As a full-time employee, the only way I could achieve a TEFL certification was through an online program. I was paying out of pocket and felt that I was getting a not-so-different instruction if I had been fortunate enough to be in the classroom. It was just the real-time in-person back and forth which was lacking a little with this course as compared to one studied in person. What I really liked about this program, apart from the course, which I thought was excellent, was that OISE TEFL partners with Teach Away, their sister company, and Teach Away will help you find a job after the course. I have always wanted to teach English in Portugal and so when Teach Away was able to help me find schools employing English teachers in Lisbon I took full advantage of their help and it then wasn’t difficult lining up interviews. I already have a few schools showing strong interest in me traveling over for a September start and if (fingers crossed) it is possible to travel then I will be on a plane for Europe in August. Online courses will never take the place of on-site ones but I thought OISE TEFL did an excellent job regardless.

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