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“The Staff across the board has been terrific and helpful in all things”

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Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Rob.

I had been planning to take this TEFL course for a few years but I had to delay beginning due to work commitments. When I changed my work and when I wasn’t working such insane hours I was able to begin the classes while working part-time with little to no hassle. The Staff across the board has been terrific and helpful in all things. They provided support, and a detailed process, and made the whole learning experience very painless. Overall the classes can be very fast-paced but the level of information you receive is very well organized and presented. I am satisfied with what I paid for. Heading forward I hope to be able to make it over to Hanoi in Vietnam before the end of the year to teach English there. I have been told that when I am ready to begin making preparations for my move overseas the school’s Staff should be able to help me with finding job placement. Either way, I have the TEFL certification under my belt now and I can’t wait to begin making good use of it.

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