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“I thought the way the course approached teaching was excellent”

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TEFL Certified Canada OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Sean.

TEFL Certified Canada.

Literally a year to this day I began the OISE Uni TEFL Toronto course. It was a Christmas present- it wouldn’t have been possible for me to pay for it myself. Man, I had big plans for 2020 šŸ™‚ My plan was to complete the course in 2 months and then I was going to be heading over to Vietnam, on April 5th, to start teaching English there. Everything was paid in advance: flight tickets, travel insurance, etc. In the end, it took me a bit longer to complete the course. I hadn’t taken into account the written assignments, so these added time to my study schedule. I thought the way the course approached teaching was excellent. I always remembered teaching as the teacher talking and the students listening, but this course taught me to be more of an enabler teacher and that the teacher doesn’t always have to be the main focus of the class. Vietnam obviously didn’t work out šŸ™ However, I did manage to find teaching work online and this has paid the bills since. I haven’t bought my flight tickets yet, but I am hoping to make it over to Vietnam this year. I’ve read that the living standard of teachers in Vietnam is pretty good, the location is great for travel in the general region of S E Asia, and I fell in love with Vietnamese cuisine a while back. Fingers crossed for 2021! šŸ™‚

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