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“you could complete the course in a couple of days if you pushed yourself”

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International Open Academy review, written by Ryan.

If you arrive at the decision to go cheap and low and take the TEFL course provided by International Open Academy, you won’t be the first and I’m certain you won’t be the last. It must be the cheapest TEFL course around and there are lots of people attracted to the super-low price tag. You will learn something on the course (the reason why I did give two stars and not one) but if you want to better prepare yourself for teaching, I would strongly recommend paying a bit more and taking a course with a better reputation, and a course that actually teaches you how to teach. Don’t misunderstand me, you can teach at some schools with this certification. But I’ve read some of the trips reports online about how people reached the end stage of their work visa process, only to discover that their International Open Academy certificate wasn’t accepted as a proof of teacher status document. As others have written in their reviews, you could complete the course in a couple of days if you pushed yourself. Still, though, I don’t think the course should be completely written off. The only circumstance when I would recommend taking it is if you want to get a general idea about how teaching works. The course is so cheap that you can sign up and quickly complete it, and then invest your money in a superior program. So to conclude, I wouldn’t recommend taking this course if you are serious about teaching English. But you could take it as a TEFL taster course, and then take a standard 120-hour TEFL course which will properly train you up and make you look (and feel) like you know what you are doing.

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