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“I was looking for an online course where I could take my TESOL course for future reference and use”

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International Open Academy review, written by Bryan Rosete.

Since my course is related to teaching English, I was looking for an online course where I could take my TESOL course for future reference and use. I find it useful since during this time of the pandemic COVID-19, it is difficult to find a job. But if you have the certification course, it would be much easier for tou to find a job that is timely during this time, which is online tutorial.Since it is one of their requirements, I immediately searched on where I could take the course. I found out that TESOL/TEFL-a 120 Certification Course offers this and they are under International Open Academy. So I decided to take the course. After I enrolled, I started with my modules. It was fun learning and it is very much convenient because you can study according to your own free time since it is self-paced. Exams after each module is given and it is easy if you have really understood the lessons for each module. After taking the course, I received my certificate which I could use for application. I would like to extend my hearfelt thanks to TESOL/TEFL and IOA for this opportunity to learn about TESOL. It will be useful for my future career as an English instructor. I would surely recommed you guys to take your course now. Since most if the companies aboroad are looking for online English instructors, it is recommended that you take the TESOL/TEFL course. Learning is fun and convenient because you study on your own and you can seek help from them and they are easily accessible. If you couldn’t ujderstand or have questions while you are studying with your module, you could easily ask help from them and they could respond to you as soon as they could. I would highly recommend this for your own good and convenience. Thank you very much IOA.

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