“I needed the TEFL certificate quickly for an online teaching English job”

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Teflen review, submitted by Danny.

I needed the TEFL certificate quickly for an online teaching English job. My employer decided in its infinite wisdom to lay off a load of staff (saving money for their shareholders) and I was suddenly out of a job. I spent a week looking at other work options, but there just isn’t a whole lot out there right now. I began seeing ads for teaching English online and I thought to myself, yep, I can do that! I’m a native English speaker, so how difficult could it be? As it turns out, it isn’t that easy. These online schools offering teaching jobs require that you have the TEFL certificate before they will even consider your application. It sounded like a bit of a racket to me, but what the hell? I signed on for the Teflen online TEFL course and got the coveted certificate after 3 weeks of an unexpected hard slog of online studying and assignment submissions. When I began applying for work again, with the TEFL certificate, the doors all of a sudden opened up and I was overwhelmed by the number of invitations for interviews. I must have interviewed for 15 jobs, but only one got back to me with a solid job offer. Their name is VIPKID and they offer really good work contracts. For the first month, the pay wasn’t that great, but they had me on a higher rate in my second month. I’m very happy teaching for VIPKID. Without this job, I would be screwed. So yeah, I would recommend taking the TEFL certification.

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