“I have just completed the TESOL certificate 120 hours”

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UNI-Prep review, submitted by Alexandra.

I have just completed the TESOL certificate 120 hours. Most of the stuff is pretty obvious content, but there is a section on grammar which I thought was very thorough. The course was let down though by the stream of grammar errors and spelling mistakes littered throughout. I really wasn’t expecting this from an international teacher training course, and it left me wondering just who had designed and written it. They should definitely employ a proofreader to take a good read through the course and then the overall presentation would be much better.

I did pass the course. I wasn’t failed and then asked to pay for an expensive course extension (like I read some other programs do to their students) and the certificate was issued right away. I wasn’t so happy with the style of the certificate. It looks a bit amateur. But it has my name spelled correctly on it and it is embossed. I guess that for such a low course price you need to lower your expectations.

I’ve been applying for work online and the certificate hasn’t raised any red flags with potential employers, so I’m confident the certificate is an international qualification, as the school purports it to be. There are SO MANY online schools offering work. The work is out there if you look for it. It does take a bit of time and work to go from the application stage to the interview process, but if you are actively searching then I can’t see finding online teaching work to be an issue. A lot of the brick and mortar schools have crossed over into providing their classes online and this has created so many more jobs for teachers online.

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