“I thought the choice of materials covered in the modules was very good”

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MyTEFL review, submitted by Donny.

I chose to take this course, based on the good feedback I read on various blogs published on the internet. It was, therefore, a big surprise to me when the course turned out to be passable in content and the support pretty much non-existent. The course is divided into modules, each covering different aspects of teaching English as a foreign language. I thought the choice of materials covered in the modules was very good. The problem that I had was that I was able to complete a module in under an hour-meaning the whole course in its entirety took only a couple of days to complete. Each module is a page or two of text and a (simple) quiz below. There is no way this course is 120 hours. It’s a fraction of that. From payment to certification, I didn’t receive any personalized communication from MyTEFL. From payment to certification, everything is automated. After the certification step, that was it from MyTEFL. No help getting a job. No help with teaching abroad information. There was an option I saw advertised on the MyTEFL website for job placement services, but I have read that these are generally best avoided. I would like to recommend MyTEFL, but I just can’t-based on the service I received. Perhaps I was unlucky and took the course during a temporary lull in their (as one blogger wrote) ‘well-oiled TEFL machine’. Or, perhaps the blogger hadn’t even taken the course and was just more concerned about the affiliate coupon which, yes, I did enter upon checkout-to save 35% off the course fee. The price of the MyTEFL 120-Hour course is good. You’ll be able to use the certificate abroad. I’m just not sure whether you’ll learn a substantial amount about TEFL by taking this course. And if you think you will need help to find work after the course, you might find yourself out on a limb as I was.

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