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“Everything was excellent!”

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5 star online tefl review

OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Logan.

Everything was excellent!

I chose to take my Online TEFL through the University of Toronto (OISE UoT) TEFL program because of their consistently positive feedback on trusted TEFL reviews. They definitely deserve their high-ranked status!

  1. The enrollment process was without complications. Because native speakers are eligible to take ESL teacher training courses, OISE UoT makes it easy to purchase the course and get cracking on the first module. My payment went through the first time and the amount paid was the amount that showed up on my bank statement.
  2. The modules have been arranged very nicely and the course as a whole is very well designed. The sections follow a logical order; meaning you have a complete appreciation of the course all the way through. I read about some courses relying on a lot of fillers so as to stretch out the content, but never experienced this with the OISE UoT course.
  3. There is always someone available should you have a question, or should you need some help with something. My tutor was great. There were a couple of times when I needed support and the help she gave enabled me to overcome those humps and progress through the course. Both times I required the support I received support within 48 hours of asking. I consider this excellent.
  4. They are quick to issue your course certificate and when it arrives it prominently shows the University of Toronto name on it.
  5. The course is taken through OISE UoT, and then you are passed over to their sister company for job placement/support. This company (Teach Away) is also located in the Toronto area. My experience with Teach Away was also very, very positive. I had a lot of questions for them and they got back to me on each one of them. I’m not ready to move abroad just yet, but when I do I’m certain I will be in good hands with the support team at Teach Away.

I recommend the OISE UoT TEFL program online.

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