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“It does the job of getting you through the T-E-F-L and at the end of it you receive a certificate”

3 star online tefl review

i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Jeremy.

Quite a bit of the information is repetitive and video tutorials are missing. You read information and take mini tests after. I could see how the course is a little dated. Could do with an update! Don’t even bother trying to contact itoi when you need something because they never answer emails. The hardcopy version of the certificate isn’t free and when you do pay for it it takes quite a while for the delivery to take place. Well, that’s the bad stuff out of the way. Now for the good stuff…

It does the job of getting you through the T-E-F-L and at the end of it you receive a certificate. If you want to teach English you will need the certification. I was asked in interviews if I had the T-E-F-L and when I told them I took the itoi it wasn’t a problem for them. Meaning the certificate is recognized by employers. The price of the course was reasonable for what you get.

I did try teaching English online but I didn’t like it much. You don’t have the same student interaction as you do with a in person class and I soon discovered that students are often not 100% focused on the lesson when they have email and Facebook and other apps open when taking the lesson. This is a real problem when teaching English online. Classroom management just isn’t easy.

I’ve been accepted for a teaching job in Seoul in South Korea which starts in January 2021. The job was advertised online so I didn’t need to use the placement service. I’m being started off on a great salary and the job includes housing and health insurance and paid vacation time. I’m looking forward to putting into action the materials I went through in the itoi course. I think they will be useful in those first few months when I’m still finding my footing in the classroom.

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