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Is The TEFL Institute of Ireland legit?

4 star online tefl review

Is The TEFL Institute of Ireland legit The TEFL Institute of Ireland review, submitted by Keith.

Is The TEFL Institute of Ireland legit?

I had a smooth time studying the 120 TEFL course with the TEFL Institute of Ireland.

The course is divided into 10 clearly presented modules with a test after each one. Not everyone feels so comfortable with one final exam and I personally liked this being graded as-you-go approach. Another good point about this program is that it was easy to navigate through the website. The website is fully responsive-meaning you can take it on pretty much any device. I switched between learning on my tablet and mobile and both devices provided an equally good way of studying. I didn’t find the course particularly difficult because I have taught before, but anyone taking the course without teaching experience should probably brush up on their grammar knowledge beforehand. Not that the grammar will be ridiculously difficult or anything like that, but some before-course study will most definitely help when trying to get your head around time tenses and other necessary grammar knowledge for teachers.

I never had any problems communicating with the school, which was a big plus. I do wish some of the feedback had been in more detail. Mostly though, the online tutor help was excellent and emails between myself and the school were without any major hiccups.

I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to teach English as a second language.

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