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“The UoT course is money well invested”

4 star online tefl review

OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Paula.

The UoT Tefl course online is provided out of Toronto, which is where I currently live, and receives a lot of great reviews and is one of the highest rated schools on Trusted Tefl Reviews-these were the deciding factors for me choosing to take this course. The feedback throughout the course from my online tutor was very good-they always got back to me inside of a day when I had a question, and when they did the replies were helpful. The course is very nicely structured and hit a nice medium between easy and difficult. When I had finished completing the course-including the written assignments-I had my certificate delivered by post in under 3 weeks and it looked great! Teach Away is the company UoT Tefl collaborate with for everything connected with job hunting and they provided me with an up to date job list for my region where I wanted to travel to and teach at. All in all I had a very good experience with this university Tefl program.

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