“A very convenient method of doing the TEFL certification”

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Is ITTO TEFL legit ITTO review, submitted by Beverly.

Is ITTO TEFL Legit? A very convenient method of doing the TEFL certification.

For me, the highlight of this course was the convenience of taking it online and not needing to travel anywhere to complete it. Everything is done online, both studying and marking and when you finish ITTO TEFL email you your TEFL certificate. I really can’t understand why anyone would want to take the TEFL course at a specific location anymore. It just isn’t worth the expense and inconvenience. Before I signed up for the course with ITTO TEFL I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive about doing the course online. You read a lot of false narratives on the internet about how online courses are not worth the paper they are printed on, etc., but those really are just false narratives. Probable spread by your traditional on-location courses no doubt, now they are losing out on business to the online learning revolution. The real winning factor for me though was how I was never asked anything about how I took my course when I presented my certificate at interviews. Not one school questioned me whether I had taken my TEFL online or on location. Not one. So my advice is to take your TEFL online. You will be saving yourself a significant amount of money and the end result is exactly the same as if you traveled somewhere for TEFL classes, spending $$$$ in the process. I highly recommend ITTO TEFL.

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