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5 star online tefl review

Online TEFL TESOL Course MyTEFL review, submitted by Chelsea.

I was happy taking this distance study course- completed it last year.

For a course consisting of 120 study hours it really crams in a lot of information and I got to learn so much about teaching through this distance study. The program covers a lot. As I had never taught before I was nervous at first about studying solely through a computer, but the design is user friendly and it starts of nice and slow so you don’t immediately feel overwhelmed with all the new information taught. It then gradually becomes more difficult, but by this stage I was happy with the more challenging assignments. After each unit there is a multiple choice quiz. This is an excellent way to mark students’ progress as the quizzes are fun to complete. The support was also definitely there for me from the MyTEFL central office and they did spend time on helping me after with finding work overseas. I didn’t take them up on their job placement services though because I wanted to find a teaching job independently, so I can’t comment on what their job placement is like. From what I read on their website though people seem to be pretty happy with the service so I wouldn’t completely rule out this option if you want to save a lot of time job hunting. I did find it real easy finding work. Maybe this was because of the time of year. I really can’t say. Work is most definitely out there and lots of it too.

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