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“I don’t recommend a Course Mix TEFL course online”

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Is The Course Mix TEFL legit?

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Is The Course Mix TEFL legit The Course Mix review, submitted by Jacqueline.

Is the Course Mix TEFL Legit? I don’t recommend a Course Mix TEFL course online.

Well, what can I say? This was a TOTAL waste of time and money.

I paid £24.00 for the “discounted” version of the course. The Course Mix TEFL website claims the course is normally offered at £249.99. So at first glance, a saving of £225.99 looks enticing. I took this complete waste of a time course a year ago almost to the day and it’s still being offered at £24.00. I’m not sure whether this constitutes a scam, but at the very least it’s misleading. I’d put good money into the course having never been offered at £249.99. The incredible discount is just there to lure in unsuspecting people- unfortunately, myself included.

I want to write that the course taught me something, but it didn’t. This is an extremely basic course. You read a short piece of text, you take a ridiculously easy test, you read another short piece of text, etc. I completed the whole of this “120-hour” course in one afternoon. It took me 4 hours to complete. In the end, you have the choice of printing out a PDF of the certificate (I was half expecting it to have unicorns on it) or you can purchase a hardcopy for £99—a complete joke. I can’t see how any employer would accept such a certificate. Besides, you don’t learn anything on the course so I also can’t see anyone passing an interview with the “knowledge” accumulated from this course.

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