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“120-Hour TESOL Professional TEFL Online Pro certification”

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120-Hour TESOL Professional tefl online pro review, submitted by Monique.

120-Hour TESOL Professional TEFL Online Pro certification.

A fantastic option for TEFL training online and for what it cost me I really can’t see how this can be beaten. A big thank you goes out specifically to my online tutor, Paul, who always replied to my messages really quickly and who was just so helpful throughout. Other courses charge extra for tutor support but the 120-Hour TESOL Professional course with TEFL Online Pro has this included in the price. Over the duration of the course I needed to email in two lesson plans and the feedback I get in response was really useful for determining what the structure of a lesson plan should look like and also how the timing of each section should be organized. The 120 Hour TEFL Professional TEFL Online Pro certification course follows the PPP teaching formula. Anyone reading this and wondering what the hell PPP is 🙂 it stands for Presentation, Practice, and Production. Since I started teaching, I’ve always stuck to this system because it works so well. The complete PPP lesson is Warmer, Presentation, Practice, Production, and Cooler. The advantage of having a structured lesson, divided into segments, is that it is so much easier to time-manage classes. And having a well-arranged structure means that students take the class much more seriously as they see you’ve done your teacher’s lesson prep. The Official letter of Recommendation and certificate was delivered really quickly. One last thing is that TEFL Online Pro offers lifetime job assistance. Have used this twice since taking the course and both times the service helped me immensely. The 120-Hour TESOL Professional TEFL Online Pro certification is worth taking if you want a quality course with awesome support. This has to be the best value TEFL TESOL certification course for teaching English online/abroad.

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