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“Is Premier TEFL Legit? A good course with good support”

Is Premier TEFL Legit?

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Is Premier TEFL legit Premier TEFL review, submitted by Isabel.

Is Premier TEFL Legit? A good course with good support.

First the bad news. I’d advise not to pay for the abroad programs. Premier TEFL charge a fee for this. What it essentially means is they charge for connecting you with employment agencies. You can easily find out this information by doing a simple internet search. The certificate costs quite a bit too, which was a bit of a surprise for me.

Now the good news. The course is cheaper than most others I saw advertised. I had a lot of help from the online teacher assigned to me during the course. Studying was a pleasant experience. I learned more than I was expecting. I didn’t find it difficult to find a job.

I was actually surprised how much demand there is for English teachers. Because of this it doesn’t make any sense to pay a company to find work for you. Just go online and you will see hundreds, if not thousands of jobs for English teachers being advertised. Many of the jobs will ask for a degree and X number of years teaching experience but when I told them I had neither I managed to be invited for job interviews anyway. Seems the schools ask for a crazy amount of experience just initially to set the bar high. A friend of mine told me some countries where I would need a degree, so I just didn’t apply for jobs in those ones. She mainly mentioned Japan, Korea, China.

So is Premier TEFL legit? Yes, it is legit. The course was really great and because of it I could legally teach English in another country. I’d be aware though of being prepared to shell out more money than the advertised course price.

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  1. Having recently taken the 120-hour TEFL with Premier TEFL online I have to say that the program doesn’t meet expectations. As online courses go it’s an OK course, but you don’t get any support during the course and zero help finding work. As a result of this, I am still searching for online teaching work. This has been ongoing since the beginning of the new year.

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