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“INTESOL Worldwide’s 140-hour Certificate in TESOL Plus with Online Teaching Practice”

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140-hour TESOL Plus INTESOL Worldwide review, submitted by Ashlee Bellows.

INTESOL Worldwide’s 140-hour Certificate in TESOL Plus with Online Teaching Practice.

This has been one colossal, unacceptable hassle and waste.

the material and assignments are the exact same between the courses. INTESOL further didn’t tell me about all the extra equipment I would need for the teaching practice. So, I ordered everything late, in the midst of this pandemic, and experienced huge mailing delays. Everything took weeks to arrive and none of it was covered in my fees.

In the meantime, I did all the affiliated school’s extra (surprise) training and fulfilled all their other high standards despite not being warned, an employee, nor destined to be paid for my two weeks’ worth of free work for them. I even had to print up a giant poster piece by piece and line it up perfectly, wait and wait to get ultimately useless help with their buggy programs, etc.

I offered to accept the certificate without the teaching practice for a partial refund, even though I wouldn’t have attempted an upgrade at all if I knew that the teaching practice wouldn’t actually be included. Once again, I have gone ignored. I’ve had enough. This isn’t worth the effort and hasn’t been such for a long time.

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  1. I would like to add that ALAP has proven itself to be a completely fake accreditation board. They are in INTESOL’s pocket or vice versa. Here is what their Examinations Officer said to me after days of pointless back and forth: “Going forward, I feel as though if you were awarded a 120 Hour Certificate – you could acknowledge that it would not be appropriate to leave a poor review?”
    That is none of her business and has nothing to do with the matter at hand! Also, that response proves that ALAP is a total fake, in INTESOL’s pocket or vice versa, doesn’t it? No legitimate accreditation board makes a student’s certification dependent on what sort of review they give a supposedly separate sub-member, especially not when that student paid for the accrediting course in more than full and completed it with very high grades! Furthermore, how I have been treated and the stress I have been put through by all three entities remain. So do the scam and theft. Leaving strongly cautionary reviews is appropriate in this situation, not to mention a duty at this point! I said almost as much in response and have not heard back yet again. There is no question in my mind they will not give me my certificate.

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