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“Teacher Link online TEFL TESOL certification course review”

Teacher Link / Teaching Nomad online TEFL TESOL certification course review.

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Teacher Link TEFL review, submitted by Andrew.

Teacher Link online TEFL TESOL certification course review.

This 120-hour online TEFL course was super-easy to follow with interesting quizzes to complete at the end of each module. Although there is only one assignment to take, I really enjoyed completing it and I received really useful feedback from my tutor. What I really loved about taking this course was that I was able to study it online, so I wasn’t at a disadvantage of needing to travel to study. It was also really cheap too when compared to in-class TEFL and CELTA courses which I saw advertised online. Before taking this course I had read a consistent message on forums that online TEFL courses were not worth the paper they are printed on and that the only way to go was through a CELTA program. This is just not true. I can now see that the forums are heavily trolled by CELTA course providers. Apart from wanting to have seen more written assignments, I thought this was a really good course.

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