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“I had a good experience with Tefl Fullcircle”

3 star online tefl review

TEFL Fullcircle review, submitted by Linda.

Initially, I was a bit wary about taking this course because of all the negative reviews, but my budget was very tight and I couldn’t afford a more expensive option. I had a good experience with Tefl Fullcircle. While it is true that you shouldn’t expect any frills, the course does however prepare you sufficiently in all areas of grammar knowledge and teaching methodology and this should be enough for anyone who just needs the Tefl training. I did feel that it took a little too much time for the office to get back to me when I needed advise/help, and it’s true that you can’t expect much in the way of job finding help, but if (like me) you just need bare bones Tefl training, this one will probably do the trick for you.

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