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MyTEFL review, submitted by Lotta.

MyTEFL 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL course review.

A bit of a mixed bag. MyTEFL has a lot (and I mean A LOT) of bloggers writing nice things about them online, but upon more careful inspection it became clear that those people are earning money through the MyTEFL affiliates program. So in my opinion, those bloggers aren’t a trusted source of feedback of the MyTEFL product. I do just want to add though that I was never sold the affiliates linking option, so perhaps they have stopped it now. Still, though, take with a pinch of salt any blog that recommends MyTEFL.

The course was actually very good. It’s designed really well and is really easy to follow. You basically read the text and then complete a quiz, and I really liked this setup. I read somewhere on the web about how a text-based course is inferior to a video-based course, but I feel this is nonsense. I learned a lot in this course.

Where they did let me down though was with their job support. It’s pretty non-existent and I am pretty sure this is because they are too busy now to devote their time to an individual’s needs. If you don’t need the job support then I would say go ahead and take this course, but if you think you’ll need job and visa support down the road then perhaps another TEFL program would be best for you.

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