“I wonder why MyTEFL has such amazing online reviews. Can you guess?”

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2 star online tefl review

MyTEFL review, submitted by Sammy.

‘Sammy’ isn’t my real name, and I notice quite a few anonymous postings on trustedteflreviews where the poster has written negative feedback: using the term ‘anonymous’ or simply their initials. The simple reason for this is fear of retribution by the few online tefl companies which are like aggressive lions on the internet. My friend had a similar experience with ITTT and I thought I had learned from her mistake.

When I paid for my course the only communication I had with MyTEFL was when I completed the final module, paid for my certificate, and then became a potential marketing agent for MyTEFL, with offers of large financial rewards from becoming part of their affiliate program. Oh, and they wouldn’t issue my certificate until I had agreed to, and written, a review of my time on their course on one of the websites recommended by them. Which I have since deleted.

MyTEFL offers a mediocre course but you can use the certificate. It is worth more than the paper it is printed on. But with the extra additions, it transpires to be more expensive than advertised. There is some support during the course, but if you don’t play ball with them and join their affiliate program or accept one of their job placements then they just don’t want to know you. I am only writing from my experience, but have read similar comments on some forum sites.

Don’t accept a job placement through MyTEFL. You will find yourself in a situation you didn’t sign up for and MyTEFL will continue earning a commission on every monthly salary you receive.

I wonder why MyTEFL has such amazing online reviews. Can you guess?

trustedteflreviews is a real diamond in the rough. Before they would publish my review they asked for proof of my MyTEFL enrollment. If I could turn back time then this would have been the site I would have trusted. And not one of the many others out there who are like puppets on strings.

I in no way want to dissuade you from taking your tefl with MyTEFL from reading this review. But I do feel it is my public duty to let you know what you will be getting yourself into if you do choose MyTEFL.

WARNING! We strongly recommend that readers are made fully aware of MyTEFL’s violation of the international TEFL/TESOL Code of Professional Conduct:

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  1. Hello Sammy.

    We thought we should reply to your comment as it does suggest that some MyTEFL reviews are fake/planted.

    At we vet each and every review that comes to us for publishing so that our readers can be assured that all reviews published on are verified and written by course graduates.

    We are painfully aware that there is a real issue with fake/planted reviews on other TEFL sites, but you won’t find any on this site.

    Mia Williams.

  2. MyTEFL are just a TEFL mill with no real concern for the customer. They took my money and gave little back in return. Everything you ask for is charged extra for.

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