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2 star online tefl review

MyTEFL review, submitted by Anonymous.

I’d rather not have my name published with my review because it seems MyTEFL have a significant online presence and I don’t want any issues further down the road because of a negative write-up of their school.

If you’re reading this then maybe you were also convinced to take your T-E-F-L (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course with MyTEFL because of all the glowing online reviews.

I consider myself a screwed-on person and impervious to marketing pitfalls, but even I was a sucker for this company.

I read the many glowing, 5-star reviews. I saw the YouTube videos. I read blogs by people such as twomonkeystravelgroup, whereintheworldisnina, womenontheroad, whereveriwant, etc. And this last group was the most convincing of the MyTEFL product package.

But take a careful read through their blogs (and others) and you’ll notice the same trend. All mention the saving you can get if you use a particular course code when signing up for a course.

Look. It wasn’t a bad course. Actually, I don’t really know what a good or bad online course is like because this was my first online study experience. But it did fall WAY short of what was being shoveled by the people running those mentioned blogs.

Yes, folks, they are getting paid to recommend MyTEFL so their recommendations cannot be taken with anything other than a grain of salt.

I don’t know what the “best TEFL course” is.

Perhaps it is MyTEFL. Who knows? What are the criteria anyway for being “the best”?

What I do know though is those bloggers are technically working for MyTEFL by aggressively recommending their courses and receiving a cut of your course fee in the process.

Not a 1-star review, but definitely not a 5-star review for MyTEFL. My (real) feedback – I’m not trying to flog a TEFL course through this review with a discount code – is that the course was OK-ish.

WARNING! We strongly recommend that readers are made fully aware of MyTEFL’s violation of the international TEFL/TESOL Code of Professional Conduct:

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  1. Hi there.

    I thought I would leave a comment for this review.

    We totally respect your right to privacy and therefore followed your directions not to publish your name together with your review.

    We took a look at the blogs which you mention in your review and yes, you seem to be right.

    I think though that what should also be taken into consideration is that the people running the blogs are teaching and traveling, so what they are doing definitely couldn’t be considered as a scam.

    It does seem a little suspect though that they appear to be earning money from recommending MyTEFL courses in a way that they try to seem impartial by doing so. We feel they should perhaps be more upfront about their connections with the school.

    Anyway, thank you again for submitting your review and we hope you enjoy your teaching English abroad experience!


  2. Lots of bloggers recommend MyTEFL because they are being paid to. Every blog I’ve read which recommends MyTEFL contains an affiliate ad. An affiliate ad is a coupon you can enter to receive a course discount and the blogger gets a cut of the money paid. If I could earn money from recommending a product then I would too. What this means though is that you cannot really believe the course feedback of these people because they are definitely not going to give a balanced review of the course. All they want to do is write how amazing it was so they can get their cut of your course fee.

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