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3 star online tefl review

Premier TEFL review, submitted by Andy.

This course is purely taken online and (as advertised by Premier TEFL) all you need is a computer with internet access to complete your study.

I thought it was an overall decent choice. For one, it’s legit. So you don’t need to worry about getting scammed or anything. Communication with Premier TEFL for me was OK, but I never had any actual course content questions.

I did think though that the content was a bit too theoretical and that the quiz questions at the end of each module didn’t always correspond with what was presented in the module content. I don’t know which Learning Management System this school runs but there were some obvious bugs in the system.

I couldn’t honestly say after I’d “graduated” that I was fully prepared for my first EFL classroom, but the course did prepare me on some level and for the course price I think it was an overall decent deal. I think you need to be aware that you pay for what you get.

Still though, compared with some of the nightmare stories which I’ve read about the exorbitant fees of taking a residential (on-site) TEFL, I’m happy that I chose the online TEFL route.

Not completely sure whether I’d recommend Premier TEFL to others, but I definitely wouldn’t say the program was completely terrible.

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