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Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Luke.

I chose BridgeTefl because they operate out of the US (Colorado) and I figured that might go in my favor if I ever decided to teach EFL in my home state. The course I took was the BridgeTefl 120-hour Master course, which I had read online and was the right amount of hours required for teaching English overseas.

The course follows a pretty easy-to-follow system of reading the course information and then completing a test and written assignment after each chapter. I thought it was very comprehensive and at times really demanding. Especially the lesson planning section. This definitely ain’t no Tefl mill. You have to work hard for your certification.

When you finish the course though you only get a PDF version of the certificate. If you want a hard-copy version then that’s going to set you back $95. And if you need an apostilled version then that’s gonna cost you $195. The course is pretty expensive anyway and I really think that at least the hard-copy version should come free with the course.

One last thing is I chose BridgeTefl because I wanted to take a Tefl/Tesol course that had US accreditation and I (wrongly) assumed that the BridgeTefl course was more expensive than other courses because they have this type of accreditation. Have since discovered online that there is no international accreditation body for Tefl/Tesol so I wouldn’t choose a course based on whether they have accreditation or not/or based on the type of accreditation they have.

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