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TEFL Express review, submitted by John.

In all fairness, tefl express should receive 2.5 stars but there wasn’t an option on here for me to do that. 3 stars it is then.

Also, I saw a link to this site when I was up late and flicking through Quora and I haven’t recently finished the course. I completed my tefl express 160-hour (premier plus) tefl course a few years down the road now so my impressions might not necessarily be valid for a tefl express course in 2019. Either way, I have a bit of time on my hands and wanted to share my impressions with anyone out there thinking of purchasing the course I took.

I noticed some other reviewers on this site have been categorizing their reviews into pros and cons so that is what I am also going to do in my tefl express review.


  1. This first one might be a potential negative for some but for me, it worked out to be a major positive. Basically, you get 75 days to complete the course from the moment your study time is activated and I think that although for some people this might throw up some serious issues down the line, from my perspective it helped motivate me to get on with the course and force me to get it done within a reasonable time frame. I had a mate who had 6 months to complete his and well, he spent 6 months on his course; taking his time until the last fortnight when he studied like a fiend so he wouldn’t have to pay an extension fee. I found my enthusiasm decreased after I’d paid, logged in and when the reality of what I was undertaking reality hit me, so this condensed time period was the perfect way to set a fire under my butt and make sure I didn’t lose focus.
  2. Despite what others have said in their reviews of the tefl express program, I thought the course was pretty extensive and from time to time I still refer back to my original course notes when I can’t find a similar reference point online.
  3. I’m teaching English overseas (Nagoya, Japan) and although my general impressions of tefl express were negative, I have met a few teachers who also went through the program so schools should recognize the tefl express name when it comes to applying for tefl jobs.


  1. The big no-no for me was discovering my course offered in a Groupon deal with a significant discount. If I’d purchased through Groupon, I would have saved near on a couple of hundred bucks. Because of this business model, I felt cheated and began questioning the validity and reputation of tefl express.
  2. There were multiple times when I couldn’t log on or when there was a bug in the system. This left me extremely frustrated because I set aside certain study times for myself and not being able to always study when I wanted to heap more pressure on that limited course limit.
  3. I would say that I came away with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth after finding out at the end that I was required to make an additional payment for a hard copy of my certificate. Guess I should have read the small print. It was only about 30 bucks, but I felt taken advantage of. My certificate though did arrive in a matter of days and does look professional. Well, these were my impressions. As I wrote, I can’t vouch for how the school is run now as I took my tefl express online certification a few years back. Hope it helps! John.

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