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ICAL TEFL review, submitted by James.

With ICAL TEFL, i was able to afford to work at my own pace and oh boy was this convenient! I think i had something like literally forever to get everything in and i just managed it with a coupla days to spare just shy of 6 months. The nice sweet staff at ICAL TEFL did tell me that some people take years to polish off the course so i didn’t feel so bad that i took half a year to complete a 150 hours program. To be quite honest i wasn’t expecting anything else from ICAL TEFL once i’d sorted everything out and received the certificate, so i was very pleasantly surprised when i was told to contact them when i needed job guidance. I’m just so excited about teaching English overseas and i think i’ll wanna teach in Thailand when i’m ready to take the leap. Bangkok or Chang May look promising. Now i know its possible and its all thanks to ICAL TEFL. Sweet! 🙂 Five stars!

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