INTESOL Worldwide

INTESOL Worldwide

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INTESOL Worldwide review, submitted by Anonymous.

I’ve recently completed INTESOL’s (£175/€203) 120-Hour Certificate in TEFL with TEYL. If you don’t already know, ‘TEYL’ stands for Teaching English to Young Learners. I chose this course because of the positive reviews and because my ultimate goal is to teach English to children. At present, I’m teaching English online to mostly students from China and while the pay is good it isn’t really for me and my heart belongs in a live classroom. Even though this certification was the minimum accepted certificate course for teaching English overseas, I didn’t think it was lacking substance in any way and it was actually quite demanding. Their website says that teachers who go through their program are in high demand by TEFL employers worldwide, and I believe them based on the course structure and how everything felt very professionally run. There is also no time limit – a bonus! – so there wasn’t a whole lot of stress to meet deadlines. Plus if you’re crazy enough you can go teach for them in Iran. It isn’t for me but I can imagine others jumping at the offer for the experience. I was satisfied taking their course. TEFL and TESOL certification courses discount on

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