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ACTEFLC Accredited tefl online pro review, submitted by Neil.

ACTEFLC Accredited.

What sold teflonlinepro.com to me was their excellent student feedback, the possibility of using the certification to teach online/overseas, and their acteflc.com fully accredited status.

ACTEFLC is mentioned as one of the more well-respected international accreditation bodies in The Accreditation Guide.

I liked the easiness that it took to enroll in the course. There weren’t any long application forms to complete. Their website guides you to which course suits you best, given whether you have, or haven’t taught experience. I hadn’t any teaching experience, so I was left with the option of taking either their 120-hour or 140-hour TEFL/TESOL course. In the end, I chose the Hybrid 140-hour course because for just a hundred bucks or so more the course came with 20 hours of teaching practice. I was given the option of teaching my hours in-person, or online. I chose the online option because it was just more practical and convenient for me.

The course is divided into digestible modules that go into detail about the core TEFL themes you must know if you want to teach English, and at the end of each module, there is a fun quiz that tests your knowledge. I was relieved there wasn’t one final exam at the end. My tip is to pay attention to the content of the modules because I rushed one of them and failed the module. They gave me a second chance to take the module, but I wish I had focused more and not needed to retake a module. They didn’t charge me to retake the module.

And this leads me to the course support. the support is there when you need it and it is delivered fast! You can contact TEFL Online Pro through email, or by calling them, but I found that the internal messaging system worked best for me because replies were received almost instantaneously. It also allows you to have a quick back-and-forth, which is very useful if you have further questions.

When I had completed the 120 hours of the theoretical part of the course, TEFL Online Pro helped me set up my 20 teaching hours. I was expected to teach 20 x 45 or 20 x 60-minute lessons, but I only had to submit 6 completed lesson plans. They make it very easy to pass the course and in doing so they make certain that you are always on the right track. The critique I received on my lesson plans was inspiring and showed me where I was going right, and where there should be room for further improvement.

I received my embossed certificate within a week of course completion and approximately two weeks after that I began teaching my first online classes.

One of the main benefits of taking this certification course is that they designate a jobs advisor to you, who advises you on the process of applying for jobs, which includes having help with my resume, and they also say that this is a lifetime service. Whether this is true or not, I have read other reviews of the TEFL Online Program where teachers have said they had help in finding jobs in other locations months and even years after initially completing their course.

If you don’t have the extra $200 for the Hybrid course, the 120-hour Professional course will also serve your purposes well. I did have the extra money freed up at the time so that is why I went with the Hybrid course option.

I can see now why this company has won awards for its courses and support.

The only thing I regret about taking the course was that I wish I had known how much grammar would be covered in the course, and in hindsight, I would have purchased a new or used grammar book.

It’s not a particularly difficult course to take, and it’s not a walk in the park either, but there is a lot that you are expected to take in such a relatively short study time. I suppose you could take one of those cheap Groupon courses that charge something like $20, but you won’t learn as much and you’ll find it difficult when the difficult questions are asked in job interviews. And believe me, in the job interviews I had, difficult questions were asked. Employers want to see that you know your stuff. If you take this TEFL Online Pro course, you shouldn’t have any problem confidently answering any of the questions.

Finally, I wanted to take a fully accredited TEFL/TESOL course because the jobs I was interested in applying for stipulated that a fully accredited TEFL would be a must. ACTEFLC-accredited courses are considered to be among the best. So my interviewers said anyway.

Overall, this was great value for money and far cheaper than the in-person TEFL course equivalent training option.

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