“If I were to have the opportunity to take the course again, I probably wouldn’t”

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MyTEFL review, submitted by Jordan.

I ended up choosing MyTEFL for my TEFL certification because of all the glowing reviews, written by past alumni in the form of travel blogs. It just seemed like such a fantastic program. Well, that’s what the blogs strongly suggested. I now understand that those travel blogs are written by people who earn a referral fee every time someone books a MyTEFL course and uses their unique coupon code. IMO, this is dishonest business practice. If someone is earning money because you sign up for the MyTEFL course, their opinion won’t necessarily be objective.

OK. So here are some of the main points that the blogs claim about MyTEFL, followed by the reality.

  1. MyTEFL is a fantastic course.
  2. MyTEFL help with job searching.
  3. MyTEFL help with building your resume.
  4. The MyTEFL (120-hour) course is demanding, but fully trains you up to be a teacher of English.
  5. The MyTEFL certification is internationally recognized.
  1. The course was OK. I completed it in 5 days. You just read a few pages of text and then complete a quiz at the end of every module. Some of the content was good. Some of the content was just there as a filler for the overall word count.
  2. No help with a job search was provided.
  3. No help with building my resume was provided.
  4. I did learn some useful information on the course, but I thought the course wasn’t substantial enough. You don’t receive any feedback on the assignments. Essentially, you are taking the course on your own and hoping for the best.
  5. Yes, I think the certification probably is internationally recognized.

If I were to have the opportunity to take the course again, I probably wouldn’t.

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