The Asian College of Teachers (ACT)

“I don’t recommend to anyone to teach without the TEFL”

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Asian College of Teachers (ACT) review, submitted by Darren.

I’ve given 3 stars because the course was good and I’ve left 2 stars out because I’ve not needed job placement help so can’t comment or rate that side of the school’s services. I was stupidly teaching without any TEFL certificate because I thought you could find a job just with a passport from an English-speaking country. I did find a job in Prague and it did pay ok. Problem is that working under the table I didn’t have any access to free health or holiday pay so when I was sick I didn’t get paid for the time off. Also, I always had to be on my toes because I knew they could fire me at a moment’s notice and I wouldn’t have any chance to complain because I was technically working illegally. So I took the first TEFL course I found online and in a few weeks, I had the TEFL certificate. What I did after that was get teaching work with a different school, where I am on the books, and now I pay my taxes and reap the rewards of the social support system the Czechs provide. I don’t recommend anyone to teach without the TEFL unless you are just working for a few months only. The course wasn’t expensive, it only took a few weeks to complete, and I can now apply for jobs anywhere. TEFL is 100% the way to go.

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