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IOA TEFL certification International Open Academy review, submitted by Jared.

IOA TEFL certification.

I purchased the course (with an 87% discount) and canceled it when I opened it and saw what it was I paid for. I knew it was a cheap TEFL course and wasn’t expecting too much but was genuinely shocked at the low-bar quality of the content. Every module was a chunk of poorly written text with a few multiple-choice questions at the bottom of the page. I would have learned more by purchasing a book on TEFL. Contacted IOA immediately to cancel. I got a copy-and-paste reply back after about a week, stating too much time had passed now between the time I purchased the course so a refund wasn’t going to be given. This is obviously a way of trying to cover their backs when students realize they signed up for some low-bar TEFL course and made me feel incredibly pi**ed. Even though it wasn’t that much money, I wanted it back. I didn’t start the course. In the end, I contacted my bank and they are trying to claw back the money on my behalf. I should have known going in that a really cheap course would be a mistake. My bad. I can’t imagine that a certificate from this company would be accepted by any reputable language school. Really. This course is a joke. It’s only now that I’m reading the other reviews on Trusted TEFL Reviews about this company and can clearly see I’m not the only one left feeling like this. My advice: avoid IOA TEFL.

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