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“International TEFL Academy ITA experience was OK”

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International TEFL Academy ITA International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Deanna.

International TEFL Academy ITA experience was OK. Not great. Not terrible either.

Positives of the course were mainly because of the actual course. It’s a quality product and I didn’t find it difficult to navigate through. I read a review where someone said you might as well just buy a TEFL book instead of taking this course. I completely disagree with that statement. the course does read like a textbook in places but offers so much more in terms of how the content is presented. I learned a heap about presenting grammar and language via the medium of games and other activities. you can’t get this level of learning from a book. If I were grading it as a stand-alone course, I’d give it a maximum of 5 stars.

What I thought were negatives of the course have been shared by other International TEFL Academy ITA reviewers on Trusted TEFL Reviews. Student support wasn’t anywhere near the level promised. You do experience full-on support when you are being led to pay for the course but then it falls off a cliff. I was also nickel-and-dimed for course extensions and certification fees. When they also wanted payment for helping me develop my resume and for job placement services I just stopped contacting them and decided to go it alone.

The overall conclusion of my time spent on the International TEFL Academy ITA certification course is that I learned a lot about TEFL (big thumbs up) and I also learned that I should have chosen a TEFL program that offered more in the way of student support. I think ITA TEFL is too large an organization and it shows (big thumbs down).

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