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“Is ITA certification worth it?”

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Is ITA certification worth it? International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Rachel.

Is ITA certification worth it?

I completed my ITA TEFL certification online course earlier this year and although the course was what I would rate as being very good, I have struggled to find work. I’ve only managed to accumulate a few teaching English online hours. I don’t like putting blame on other things and people, but I had no help finding a job whatsoever and I have found it difficult to work out which companies are the good ones to teach for and which ones are the companies to avoid. I have asked ITA TEFL for some help, but I never received any replies back to my requests. They were very good with communication when I was in the process of purchasing the course and when I was taking my course, but once the certificate was issued all communication stopped from their side. I know there are some companies that will help place teachers in jobs, but I don’t want to get ripped off by being placed in a low-paying job. I’ve read others complaining about the lack of post-course support with this company too. What’s the point of taking a TEFL course if there is no clear path to employment? I must write though that the course was very good, so if you already have a job lined up and just need a TEFL certificate then I would recommend ITA TEFL. If like I was, you are under the impression that ITA TEFL will help you with employment advice after the course then I would reconsider this TEFL certification program. I am hoping that by writing this review that someone from ITA will see my review and get back to me.

Is ITA certification worth it? Without the job’s support, I would say that it isn’t.

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