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Best TESOL Certification tefl online pro review, submitted by Jennifer Stewart.

Best TESOL Certification: Guaranteed TEFL job.

TEFL Online Pro is a superb TESOL study program.

It seems to be a mid-sized program, not a giant chain, and this meant for me that communication between myself and the program was always quick responses and they knew who I was throughout the course.

I wasn’t just another student in their system.

My work colleague took a TESOL course with one of the bigger brands (Bridge TEFL) and his main complaint was that they took a long time to answer his questions and took a long time to give feedback on his coursework assignments, and when the feedback did come it didn’t always make a whole lot of sense.

My first impressions of the TEFL Online Pro course? Easy to navigate. Organized. Focussed on content.

My first impressions of the TEFL Online Pro tutoring staff and program management? Approachable. Friendly. Helpful. Professional. Quick to respond.

The support was superb.

I purchased the 120-Hour course with TEFL Online Pro on January 3rd.

It took me two weeks to finish.

14 modules and two lesson plan coursework assignments in total.

Today is Feb 22. I have already begun teaching online.

TEFL Online Pro helped me find my job but didn’t charge me anything for the service.

This help included combing through my resume for me and giving their professional opinion about what I should omit or add, providing me with job interviewing tips, and connecting me with schools with which TEFL Online Pro partners.

My starting salary was $35 US per hour.
In the employment contract, it states that if I stay with them for six months this rate increases to $42 US.

I’ve since connected with other people who went through this program and we all have similar positive reports of the course and the guaranteed job at the end.

My dream job’s main box tick was always that it would enable me the possibility of working remotely.
Teaching English online ticks this box.

I’ve taken online courses in the past.
Nothing can compare to this experience.

It is by far the best.

Not only that, but the benefits of taking the course were apparent almost immediately after completing it.

What can I write other than to seriously consider this program if you are uncertain which will be the best one for you?

It turned out that TEFL Online Pro was the best for me.

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