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“I was teaching the following week after completing my TEFL Online Pro (120 hours) course”

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tefl online pro review, submitted by Kerry.

TEFL Online Pro was an obvious TEFL/TESOL course choice for me, based on all the positive reviews and the fully accredited status of the program. The fact that this company has also won awards (Teachers’ Choice) was also a big reason for choosing TEFL Online Pro. The price of the course was within my budget of what I could afford at the time- the course price is slightly more affordable than other programs offering the same TEFL/TESOL certification course.

The course content was consistently very good, and the quick response to emails was very impressive. I’ve often waited more than a week for an email reply from some companies that I’ve interacted with, so having a 24-hour turnaround on email exchanges was both reassuring and helpful.

I also received a lot of help when I was writing my resume and looking for work. Paul looked over my resume for me and let me know where he recommended I make changes. They didn’t charge me anything extra for this service. They also didn’t ask for any money for the help they gave with my job search. The course price quoted is the total price you pay.

It was incredibly easy to find work with this certification. I can’t compare TEFL Online Pro to other programs so I don’t know if students from other programs also find it as easy to get work after graduating from their TEFL course. In my case, I was teaching the following week after completing my TEFL Online Pro (120 hours) course. I absolutely recommend this program.

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  1. Hello Kerry,

    Thank you very much for your TEFL Online Pro review. We appreciate your feedback!

    Wishing you teaching English success, and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy | Operations Manager | TEFL Online Pro


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