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“I am giving a 3-star review of Bridge TEFL”

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3 star online tefl review

Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Katie.

I’m afraid it’s going to be a mixed review from me.

I went with the Bridge TEFL program because they are considered to be one of the best TESOL/TEFL course providers in the US. I believe they operate out of offices in Denver, Colorado. I thought the cost of the course was fair, they generally have positive reviews, and I went ahead and purchased the course.

I really should have read more about the course info because I wasn’t aware that there was going to be a specific start and end date for the course. As far as I can see, other programs don’t have certain dates that you have to begin and start their TESOL/TEFL courses. Bridge TEFL does. I also didn’t prepare for the two days needed to get familiar with the Moodle platform that the course is run on. It was my first experience with Moodle. If I had known how complicated the Moodle system is, I wouldn’t have purchased the course through this company. In my research, I couldn’t find any other TESOL/TEFL programs running their courses on the Moodle network. Bridge TEFL appears to be the only one.

The TESOL/TEFL course with Bridge is on a very high level and covers many different areas of teaching English training. However, because coursework has to be submitted on certain dates this added to the overall inflexibility of studying on this course. I did get the hang of the Moodle system after a while, but it remained overly complicated throughout the four weeks it took to complete the course.

If it weren’t for the Moodle system and the high price for the certificate at the end, I might have given a 5-star review. As it stands, I am giving a 3-star review of Bridge TEFL.

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