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International TEFL Organization (ITO) appears to want to try to want to muddy the waters by naming itself online through a few different aliases, such as:

“The International TEFL Organization” | “iTEFL” | “The TEFL Organization”.

In addition, this “Internationally Accredited TEFL Program” appears to operate from three separate websites: | |

For months now, Trusted TEFL Reviews has noticed the offers from this company (mostly via Facebook ads) of either dirt-cheap or free TEFL courses.

Given that businesses tend to traditionally operate on a business model whereby they create revenue in exchange for services rendered, our attention was piqued by this apparent middle finger to traditional business model marketing.

The further we researched, the more red flags began appearing.

Fake accreditation claims
“Verified Gold Accredited” – International TEFL Organization.

To begin, they are not accredited. Anyone can create an image with some fancy wording, but it means nothing if only the website displaying the “accredited” emblem recognizes it.

Fake TrustPilot reviews
Relying on TrustPilot for customer reviews is always a red flag.

Reviews on TrustPilot are famously prone to manipulation. Companies pay for a listing on TrustPilot and are able to pay for negative reviews to be deleted, and are able to publish, or have published, fake 5-star reviews with impunity.

Common customer complaints of the program:

  1. The TEFL certificate is extremely low on quality content.
  2. The TEFL certificate is not accepted by TEFL employers.
  3. The so-called “free” course is just a front for charging you throughout the course in the form of unexpected, hidden charges.

It is the professional opinion of Trusted TEFL Reviews that this TEFL program adds to the generally poor reputation of dirt-cheap online TEFL/TESOL courses.

TEFL isn’t rocket science, but it does take relatively thorough training to become a TEFL teacher.

TEFL programs that offer dirt-cheap TEFL courses for under $50 are simply providing you with a piece of paper that says you are a qualified TEFL teacher. Claiming to be a TEFL teacher and actually having the skills and knowledge to be one are two completely different things.

Our advice is not to go for the really cheap TEFL courses.

You should treat your TEFL course as an investment, and not as a shortcut to getting qualified to teach English online or overseas.

Mia Williams | Trusted TEFL Reviews

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