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“My tutor did a fabulous job at answering all my questions”

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5 star online tefl review

tefl online pro review, submitted by Amber.

I have ten-plus years of experience in the field of education and I have taken many training courses during this time. I’m not someone who is easily impressed and I don’t usually write reviews. The training experience that I had with TEFL Online Pro has made me break this rule as it was an all-around top-notch training program experience. My tutor did a fabulous job at answering all my questions, the feedback on my lesson plan assignments was detailed and personal, and the course was a genuine delight to study through. The course includes many examples of interactive activities and games that I use regularly with my students and I just thought that the way grammar is presented and explained took the boredom out and dare I say it made grammar seem appealing and interesting. The quoted course price is the total price which isn’t the standard in the TEFL training industry as I’ve read reports of some programs charging hidden fees. The accredited international TEFL TESOL certificate arrived within a week and also came with a signed letter of recommendation from the TEFL Online Pro school director. I would recommend TEFL Online Pro to others.

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    Paul Murphy

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