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“A great choice for the accredited TEFL/TESOL certification online”

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4 star online tefl review

tefl online pro review, submitted by Neil.

A great choice for the accredited TEFL/TESOL certification online.

With SO many different programs running online TEFL and TESOL programs, I thought it prudent and wise to just choose the program with the best student reviews, and that way I could be certain I wouldn’t be falling for a scam. https://teflonlinepro.com/120-hour-professional/ consistently came up in my search and when I saw how they had won the Teachers’ Choice Award 3 years in a row I simply chose them over the many other programs offering similar 120-Hour programs. Plus, I wanted my certificate to be a TEFL/TESOL certification because my employer recommended I have both instead of only TEFL listed on the certificate. I had to get the approval of my school first because they were going to be paying for the course (I teach English in a small town just outside of Munich) and they also did their research and gave me the thumbs up to proceed.

I’m awarding the TEFL Online Pro program 4.5 stars out of 5. I never give 5 stars when I write reviews.

I’ll briefly list what I liked and didn’t like about the TEFL Online Pro Professional 120-Hour course:

Liked: Tutor access is quick to respond, 24/7, and comes free with the course; despite already knowing a lot about teaching English I was impressed with how much is covered in the course and how much it goes into detail; the ESL games included in the course are spot on and I have been using them in my classes since completing the course; communication with the TEFL Online Pro admin was faultless; the accredited TEFL/TESOL certificate was issued quickly and it looks presentable and professional; if I ever need help finding a job in future I can use the TEFL Online Pro job services for free.

Didn’t like: They don’t work on Sundays (although they do throughout the day on Saturday) so if you are taking the course and planning on studying exclusively on the weekends you’ll need to wait for a response from admin on Monday when they start back after the weekend; the first module was far too easy and felt more like an introduction to the course rather than an immediate jump into the pool.

Taking into consideration the quality of the course content, the quality of the tutor feedback, the reasonable price tag for the course, the fact that this is a fully accredited TEFL/TESOL certification program and that my school employer recognized the certificate from this company, I’d say this is definitely a program to strongly consider when wading through the many programs offering the 120-Hour teaching English certification.

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  1. Hello Neil,

    Thank you so much for your 4.5-star review! We will share this with the rest of the TEFL Online Pro team to let them know to keep up the amazing work.

    Wishing you teaching English success in Germany, and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy

    Operations Manager

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