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“I am very satisfied with how the certificate looks and feels”

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Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Matt.

The combination of strong study materials and good tutor support made taking the Bridge TEFL course a really good experience for me. The pacing of the materials is perfectly timed in order to complete the 120-hour course on time and I never once felt rushed or under pressure. I would advise though to budget your time out equally because I imagine it would be easy to fall behind if you skipped time on a module. I think this is the reason why some people have not been so happy with their Bridge TEFL course because they don’t realize that this isn’t a self-paced course; but rather a course with specific deadlines and a specific start and end date. I was very satisfied with this system of learning because otherwise I might have fallen behind had I had an indeterminable amount of time in which to complete the course. After I graduated from the course I paid for the hardcopy certificate and received it via the post a few weeks later. I am very satisfied with how the certificate looks and feels. My plan is to start teaching English online and then progress to an overseas teaching post later in the year.

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