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“I completed the TEFL course and received my certification with Oxford Seminars in July of 2017”

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Oxford Seminars review, submitted by Truc.

I completed the TEFL course and received my certification with Oxford Seminars in July of 2017. The in-class component of the program was informative and provided me with enough knowledge and skills to start my first journey of teaching aboard. The instructor was a former EFL teacher himself, therefore, it was a great source of personal-experience research. The ‘practice teaching’ component and subsequent feedback were rather brief but understandable, as the class size was rather large (about 20 people) and timing was limited.
Where I found Oxford Seminars really shined was their Job Placement service after receiving my certification. When I finally decided to make the big jump in November of 2017 and requested aid for a placement, my advisor (namely Rowan) assisted me every step of the way, including reviewing and editing my resume/cover letter, sending my application on my behalf to various agencies in accordance to my preferences. As such, I was connected to a great agency (Korean Horizons) and was placed to an amazing school in South Korea 2 months later. My advisor continued communications until I was successfully placed. I taught at the same school for 3 years (March 2018-March 2021) and had the most wonderful time there. Best yet, the Job Placement service is once again assisting me in my next journey.
I truly recommend this course and company for new teachers needing a solid place to start their teaching abroad journey.

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