“I will see whether I can use the certificate or not”

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MyTEFL review, submitted by Adam.

Paid $200 for the MyTEFL 120-Hour online course, based on the reviews on a different reviews website where MyTEFL has been highly rated. Naturally believed the reviews. Why wouldn’t I? Now that I have taken the course I would write that the reviews I read were likely written by the admin staff at MyTEFL. Why? The course was terrible. I was able to complete the whole 120-Hour course in under 24 hours. Have since read the MyTEFL warnings on Trusted TEFL Reviews and the penny has dropped. This is most definitely a program to be avoided and I just wished I had read the warnings before I chose this program and parted with my money. I would like to write that the course content and course structure was good, despite the incredibly short time it took to complete the course, but it wasn’t. I’m not usually someone who goes online to complain, but I felt I just had to in this example so that people know what they are getting into if choosing to go through this company. I will see whether I can use the certificate or not. If it transpires that I can’t, I’ll just probably have to go through the process again but with a more reputable TEFL company.

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