“I would describe the TEFL Org Level 5 course as being a 5-star course”

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3 star online tefl review

TEFL Org UK review, submitted by Noah.

I was convinced to take this Level 5 course because I thought the course standards would be very high. Whilst the content (I thought) was excellent in what was covered, I did notice a few spelling errors popping up here and there across the course. I did mention this to TEFL Org, but nobody got back to me about it. Taking the spelling errors aside, this is a comprehensive course that consists of a user friendly study interface. I also appreciated the responsiveness of the website – I could study on multiple devices and the study experience wasn’t compromised. This meant that when I was out, I could study on my phone. TEFL Org only provide the course, so you won’t receive any help in finding a job after. I didn’t need this help anyway because I already had a job confirmed before I took this course. I took the course specifically because I was told that I had to have a TEFL certificate to teach in China. I’ve read in some places online that you don’t always need to have a TEFL certificate to find teaching work, but I would say that this is the exception rather than the general rule. All of the job ads I’ve seen since have stipulated that applicants must have a TEFL certificate. I would describe the TEFL Org Level 5 course as being a 5-star course, but they drop two stars for the spelling errors and lack of student support.

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