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Toronto TEFL OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Finn.

Toronto TEFL.

Very good course. Good variety of information and clearly presented. There is an emphasis on engaging the student via detailed text and audio and video. The audio is clear and the videos are up to date. I was also impressed with the access given to their alumni network because I was able to make use of this in asking questions about which aspects of the course mattered the most for when I would begin teaching. A good example was the module on Phonics. I understood the importance of learning the different sounds. However, the feedback I received from graduates of the course-related back to me that they hardly ever made use of phonics in class.

The grading system is meticulous and fair and notes were added to my assignments when mistakes were made. There were also notes of encouragement when I excelled 🙂

Toronto TEFL OISE has partnered up with Teach Away and it’s with this company that you receive help with finding work. They have a wide range of job offers in any given week- online and overseas job positions.

I recommend this program for quality TESL training with great support and access to a wide network of past student feedback. With a certificate from this company, it shouldn’t be difficult to find well-paid quality teaching work either online or abroad.

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