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Cheapest TEFL Course World TESOL Academy review, submitted by Vanessa.

Cheapest TEFL Course.

This course is beyond a joke. It’s billed as being a 120 hours course and I effortlessly managed to complete it in two hours. I learned diddly squat so it was a complete waste of my time and money. I shudder thinking how I would have performed in a job interview if I had relied on this course, never mind how I would have ever have been able to teach anything with what little was taught in the course. I see why people want to save money on a TEFL course. I did too. but you get what you pay for and if you purchase this course, no one is going to want to employ you because you won’t know enough about teaching to a) pass an interview, and b) be able to teach students. I read that WTA was established last year in lockdown and it follows that it was set up by someone who just wants to make a quick buck off unsuspecting wannabe teachers. You will learn very little and by now I’m sure the word is out that anyone holding a certificate from this company is someone who schools won’t want to employ, for lack of standard knowledge. Do yourselves a favor and pay a little more and invest in yourself.

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